hi i'm nadeera and i believe harry styles needs to tone the fuck down with the grunge plaid shirts. that's about it.
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     this is so great
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Q: Did you see that apparently Calum got his parents initials on both hands. Did he think this through?? Now he gotta decide who's name he's gonna nut on when he jacks off?


well harry’s nasty ass is nutting on that cross all the time cd be worse

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Detail at Givenchy Menswear Spring Summer 2015

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Winona Ryder for Red Magazine April 2014 ph. Max Abadian

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Valeriia Karaman for Oh Comely magazine, flower tattoos by Verity Cumming

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Ted Lawson - Entropy Is A Myth

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Asians honestly look so ageless our entire life time and then when we hit around 80-85 it’s like all those years of looking yung and fresh out of our time catch up to us and we wither away

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an aesthetic

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Harry who for the day was in great spirit handed out hugs left and right. Because that’s what Harry does. Spreading the love, kindness and humor - to everyone.

Olle Kvarnsmyr, Aftonbladet. About Harry at Jay’s wedding (via carmalisa)
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